We offer

Only as much help as you need

If you have an important story to tell, pitch it to us.  If we can invest in it, we will.  We'll take on all of the costs, and offer you an honorarium, as well as a small portion of the profit.

If we aren't in a position to invest, you can take on the costs of our services below.  And you'll keep all of the profit.


from copy editing to fact checking, we make you look good.

Events and


Let us handle registration and details so you can put the social in social distancing


Photoshop, or hand-drawn, full color page layouts, we do it all.



We can do eveything from studio shoots to gathering b-roll to editing and beyond.


we can write press releases, book readings, manage interviews,

Family History

We take your research and organize it into a compelling story for your family


We sell to brick and mortar shops, online retailers, and institutions

Online Performance

live radio shows, podcasts, comedy shows--we take care of the details.