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Call for Work

It's time to get back to work.  We know. 2020 was a jerk.  So we are thinking of ways to re-engage society in ways that are safe and nurturing....emotionally and literally.  See below for our Fusion Food and Fiction cookbook and the Aluminum Thunder Radio Series.

Fusion Food and Fiction

After so much time away from others, we are hungry for a heady blend of characters, aromas, and belly laughs.   Fusion food is the expression of two or more cultures coming together, of immigrants finding themselves in a new universe of tastes, of families blended out of love and against all odds.  Fusion Fiction disregards the rules, blends thriller with poetry, romance with history, so that the reader is rendered off balance, awestruck, maybe breathless with wondering, "what's happening here?". Whatever your recipe, whatever your story, share them.

Aluminum Thunder Podcast Series

Remember those wonderful radio shows, where foley artists used aluminum for thunder and coconuts for horse hoooves?  We need this y'all. 


But this time, let's forge a new sound, rooted in the resilience of our spirit and the hopes of 2021. If you have a manuscript that (especially a comedy or a mystery) that would make a great radio show a la 1940's live recording, we are ready to bring it to life!  Cue the thunder because it's a dark and stormy night and the hilarities are just getting started.

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