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Thanks for submitting your piece to Flying Trunks!  Quick Facts:

  • We have spots for FOUR shows in 2021. Each show will run approximately 90 minutes. 

  • Depending on how long your piece runs, we will pay you an appropriate honorarium.

  • We produce work for families--You are welcome to send anything that you think will uplift our audiences, especially those needing to see their perspective portrayed.  That in mind, please remember that cursing is okay.  But, graphic violence or sex will likely not be chosen. 

  • DEADLINE:  May 15, 2021.

PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW.  This allows Flying Trunks to review your work. Once you fill out this form, we'll contact you to email us a copy of your piece.

Aluminum Thunder Radio Series Submission
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Thanks for submitting!

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