Additional Festival Affiliations

A Tongue in the Mouth of the Dying, by Laurie Ann Guerrero

Blu, by Virginia Grise

The Drop House, by Marisela Barrera

Totally Tejana, by Selena Sue Navarro
Plumbing, by Rebecca Kirschbaum
Beware of Tigers, by Ben Tremillo
Confessions of a Mexpatriate, by Raul Garza
The Entrepeneurs, by Clyde James Aragon
You Wouldn't Expect, by Marilynn Barner Anselmi
Seeking Flight, by Joan Broadman
Under the Plastic Stars, by Alisha M. Patterson
Bulto, by Jorge Piña
Sunday, Janie Sauceda

The Ladybug Picnic, by Lisa Cortez Walden

How the Pecan Got it's Shell, by Lisa Cortez Walden

Beatriz the Bat, by Lisa Cortez Walden

Dos Pocitos

by Raul Garza

at Say Si

In the not too distant future, a bee farmer living along the border begins to hear strange noises out in the desert.

Detained in the Dessert

by Josefina Lopez

at The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center

Karma remembers.  This radio station shock jock boosts his ratings by making fun of "illegal aliens" until the tables are turned and he has to survive out in the desert by himself.

Transformation Occupation

by Robynne Wilson, Eli Rios,

and Selena Sue Navarro

at Hemisfair Park for Luminaria

The Occupy Movement changed everything.  Three performers share their reflections, with a little help from some giant puppets.

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We began staging performances in 2011 as Atta Girl Productions. Since then, we've changed our name but not much else.  We have produced everything from workshops and activity tables to city-wide festivals. 

Below are SOME of our past productions.


Paletas y Poesia (Gemini Ink, City of San Antonio,) Producer

Luminaria, Manager,

Annie E. Casey Foundation National Conference, Coordinator

Trail of Lights, Assistant to the General Manager