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started at MALDEF (The Mexican American Legal defense and Education Fund) and the moved to public finance for 30 years as she worked on public purpose projects across the U.S. including airports, hospitals, schools, and infrastructure.  She has served as Chairperson of the The University of Texas College of Public Policy Board, and worked with many charitable organizations.  She travels extensively for work and pleasure, and enjoys writing and photography.  Her college degree is in Business Management.


earned her Doctorate in Culture, Literacy, and Language. Over her 24 year career in arts and education, she has worked with organizations like Gemini Ink, Luminaria San Antonio, Catholic Charities, The City of Austin, The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center and El Teatro de la Esperanza.  She has also taught college courses in Cultural Studies and Communications.    She has served on many community boards, including the Texas Commission on the Arts, The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, Martinez Street Women's Center, and the School Health Advisory Committee.


We believe passionately that cultural understanding makes the world a better place.